Who can register for an account on the Portal?


·         Florida Bar Attorney – an attorney who is a member in good standing of the Florida Bar.

·         Prosecuting/County State Attorney – an attorney who represents the State of Florida and is a member of the Florida Bar.

·         Pro Hac Vice Attorney – an attorney who is a member of the Bar in another state and represents a party in the State of Florida who receives a Florida Bar number from the Florida Bar to be used to register on the portal.

·         Assistant US Attorney – an attorney who is employed by the Department of Justice and represents the United States in a case in Florida.

·         Self-Represented Litigant – a person who is a party to a case and is representing himself/herself in litigation. This is also referred to as a Pro Se (pro say) litigant.


The Florida Bar member database is used to validate Florida Bar attorneys and Pro Hac Vice attorneys when these individuals are registering for a portal account.  The system recognized the Florida Bar Identification Number and the name that you have registered with The Bar.  Please be sure to use the name registered with The Florida Bar as the name registered with the E-Filing Portal or the Portal will reject your registration.

How do I register as a Pro Hac Vice attorney?


Click here for the procedures on how to make a Limited Appearance in the State of Florida.


Once you have obtained a Portal registration number from The Florida Bar, use that number as your Bar ID on the registration page.  Florida has to be selected as the State.

May I, as an attorney, have more than one portal account [User Name and Password]?


Yes.  As a filer, you may be a part of an organization in which filing fees are exempt while at the same time accepting clients for which you will be subject to payment of fees.  Your first account, if it matches The Florida Bar information, will be systematically approved.  Subsequent accounts will be processed by the Service Desk.


Your cases, filings and email log are accessible only by the account under which documents were filed to the Clerk. Therefore, if you have forgotten your account information, contact the service center at or your Portal law firm administrator to obtain your account information to retain your portal account.

Should I, as a self-represented litigant, have more than one portal account?

No. If you have forgotten your account information and cannot reset your password using Forgot Password, email or call 850.577.4609


Your cases, filings and email log are accessible only by the account under which documents were filed to the Clerk. Accounts cannot be merged.

Do I need a separate user name and password for every county I file in?


No.  All courts are accessible through your one user account on the portal

How much does it cost to register and file?


There is no cost to register for an E-Filing account and there is no fee to file documents electronically.  However, the statutory filing fees still apply so if you are submitting a new case, or a document that requires a fee, there will be a filing fee required in order to submit your document for filing and a statutory convenience fee based on the payment method.

Can a Florida Registered Paralegal register for an account to file for the attorney they work for?


The paralegal will use an account created by the attorney for whom they are filing.

E-Filing Training

How can I receive online training for filing through the Portal?





Contact your local Clerk’s Office to request training sessions or contact 850.577.4609 to request training.